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Up to 25 Participants - Discipling Four Complicated Emotions

Purchase for groups with 13-25 participants.

Conversations around race, class, and culture seem more difficult and divisive than ever and strong, often unexpected emotions are often fuel for the fire. This workshop will train you or your team to identify the complicated emotions of fear, anger, shame, and grief in these conversations and equip you with the wisdom and skills to lead, shepherd and disciple others through these emotions to uncover richer understanding and prompt more meaningful action

- Highly interactive. You'll be able to implement strategies right away.
- Sessions include large and small group discussions, journaling exercises, facilitated case study discussions, and
scenario practice in breakout groups.
- Participants will have the opportunity to bring scenarios from their own context to discuss with others online
throughout the week.
- 90 minute sessions, 4 consecutive weeks

- Wednesdays, August 17-September 7 from 5:30-7:00pm EST

NOTE: Arrabon course times will be based on EST. Course dates are subject to change. A credit or full refund will be issued if Arrabon needs to change your selected course date. Questions? Please contact
  • Before Your Begin
  • For the Host: Getting Started sample
  • Workbook Download
  • How to Use the Discussion Board
  • Session 1: Fear
  • Pre-course assignment: Examine Emotional Responses
  • Pre-Session 1 Questions
  • Live Course Session 1: Fear
  • Post Session 1 Homework Assignment
  • Session 2: Anger
  • Pre-Session 2 Questions
  • Live Course Session 2: Anger
  • Post Session 2 Homework Assignment
  • Session 3: Shame
  • Pre-Session 3 Questions
  • Live Course Session 3: Shame
  • Post Session 3 Homework Assignment
  • Session 4: Grief
  • Pre-Session 4 Questions
  • Live Course Session 4: Grief
  • Post Session 4 Homework Assignment
  • End of D4CE
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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed